NorFishChart is an open-access database dedicated to the cartography of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland over the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. It serves as a compendium of many significant maps that have surveyed and represented the Grand Banks of Newfoundland over the crucial formative stages in which its waters supplied the fish that transformed North Atlantic fisheries. Not only does NorChart collate important metadata and preview some of the most innovative hydrography of its time but it also directs users to many digital repositories around the world where such cartography can be viewed in full.

NorFishChart is a product of the ERC Advanced grant funded NorFish project ‘The North Atlantic Fish Revolution - An Environmental History of the North Atlantic 1400-1700’ led by Professor Poul Holm of the Trinity Centre for Environmental Humanities (TCEH) at Trinity College Dublin. The project focuses on the premise that a sixteenth century shift in marine fish pricing and supply in conjunction with the Little Ice Age and lowering of sea temperatures not only led to the rise to the North Atlantic Fish Revolution but also constituted one of the first documented examples of the disruptive effects of globalisation and climate change. In so doing, NorFish examines the role of the Fish Revolution for a range of inter-related aspects of North Atlantic history, with NorFish’s interdisciplinary team drawing on archaeology, history, cartography, geography, and ecology to develop interpretative frameworks that synthesise a broad spectrum of source data to assess the overall objective of the project.

NorFishChart utilises the Omeka software platform, a free open source content management system developed by the Roy Rozenzwieg Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. The general public and researchers alike can explore the range of images and metadata via a search function and the platform allows maps adjudged to be of particular significance to be showcased within the featured collections function.

For NorChart website queries please email the NorChart website manager, Richard Breen.

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